Monday, September 10, 2007

Releases for the week of September 11

Highlight of the week:

(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of Clark Ashton Smith, Clark Ashton Ashton Smith

Selected carefully by well-respected editor Robert Weinberg and with an introduction by award-winning author Gene Wolfe, The Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of Clark Ashton Smith offers both readers and scholars a definitive collection of short fiction and short novels, by an overlooked master of fantasy, horror and science-fiction.

The Sunrise Lands, S. M. Stirling
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Immortals, Tracy Hickman (Reprint)
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The Last Hero, Terry Pratchett (Reprint)
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Winterbirth, Brian Ruckley
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Anonymous said...

That cover of "The Return Of The Sorcerer: The Best Of Clark Ashton Smith" is damn fine, almost makes me want to order it! And yes, I know do not judge a book by its cover and yet..
Thanks for the heads up!

Benjamin said...

I think in this case judging a book by it's cover is just fine. ;)