Sunday, April 12, 2009

New releases for the week of April 14th


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Bova's cautionary medical thriller, the uncut version of his 1996 novel Brothers, explores the political, social and religious ramifications of what could be humankind's greatest medical breakthrough-organ regeneration. When biotech lab director Arthur Marshak discovers a way to grow replacement organs and limbs within a patient's own body, the uproar from religious extremists, conservative politicians and sensationalized media coverage threatens to derail the project. When Marshak decides to let a "science court" in Washington, D.C., rule on the validity of human organ regeneration, the subsequent travesty of a tribunal not only imperils his career but also his tempestuous relationship with his estranged brother, who happens to be married to Arthur's ex-fiancée.

> House of Windows, John Langan
> A Forthcoming Wizard, Jody Lynn Nye
> Fire Raiser, Melanie Rawn
> The Revolution Business, Charles Stross
> Thirteenth Child, Patricia C. Wrede
> The Sugar Queen, Sarah Addison Allen
> The Sam Gunn Omnibus, Ben Bova
> Viewpoints Critical, L.E. Modesitt Jr. (Anthology)
> Orcs: Bad Blood, Stan Nicholls

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