Saturday, January 3, 2009

NYT bestsellers for January 2nd

Stephanie Meyer’s The Host finishes it's 33rd week on the list maintaining its previous position at number 5.

Stephen King’s Just After Sunset also keeps it's previous spot at number 6 at the end of its seventh week.

Orson Scott Card’s Ender in Exile is up three points to number 25 in week seven.

Charlaine Harris’ From Dead to Worse climbs up three spots in its fourteenth week to number 32.

Neal Stephenson’s Anathem makes it debut on the NYT bestseller list at number 33.

Stephen King’s Duma Key rounds out week ten at number 8 and up one.

The mass market paperback of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is up fifteen to number 12 in week four.

Tobias Buckell’s Halo: The Cole Protocol slips four spots in its fifth week to hit number 13.

The paperback of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is still going strong in its 66th week on the bestseller list. It's up six points to number 15.

Gregory Maguire’s The Wicked is up four ranks to number 23 in week eleven.

Christopher Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin marks its 11 week on the list with no change from last week. It is at number 31.

Gregory Maguire’s Son of a Witch makes its debut on the paperback list at number 33.

Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series has books 1-7 in various positions from number 4 to number 22.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your blog up and running again!
Happy New Year.

Guinevere Seaworth

RedEyedGhost said...

It's great to have you back blogging Ben.

Hopefully everything works out with bookspotcentral, and you start getting all sorts of ARCs rolling in!

You know what you should do? Read Devil's Cape and get an interview with Rob Rogers :P

Benjamin said...

Guinevere, thanks!

REG, thanks man! I'll definitely be looking into Devil's Cape. Not so sure about the interview though. ;-)

sticker said...
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