Sunday, January 18, 2009

New releases for the week of January 20th


The Steel Remains, Richard Morgan

As the Yhelteth Empire recovers from a devastating war, embittered veterans Archeth, Egar and Ringil embark on parallel but vastly different journeys. The emperor sends drug-abusing Archeth to gather details about a rumored invasion. Egar becomes a steppes clanmaster, but the other horsemen despise him for seducing teenagers rather than leading. Ringil attempts to locate and free a cousin sold into slavery. All three soon discover the dwenda, a race of magical beings thought long dead.

> Mind Over Ship, David Marusek
(Amazon, B&N)

> Whipping Star, Frank Herbert
(Amazon, B&N)

> Yellow Blue Tibia, Adam Roberts
(, Book Depository)

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