Sunday, May 4, 2008

New releases for the week of May 6th

Tides from the New Worlds, Tobias Buckell
(Wyrm Publishing)

Technically, this book will not be released until later this year, however, being a signed limited edition it will only be available while supplies last. So if you're a fan of Tobias Buckell now is your chance to get a hold of a collection of short stories with an absolutely beautiful cover.

Caribbean born novelist Tobias Buckell established himself as a gifted new voice in science fiction with his stunning first novel Crystal Rain. Now, in his first collection of shorter work, Buckell demonstrates his strengths in the short form, offering readers a collection of stories that are compelling, smart, wonderfully imagined, and entertaining.

Tides from the New Worlds contains 19 stories that range from multicultural science fiction to magical realism, some in print for the first time.

> Time Spike, Eric Flint, Marilyn Kosmatka
(Amazon, B&N)

> The Shadow Isle, Katherine Kerr
(Amazon, B&N)

> The Host, Stephanie Meyer
(Amazon, B&N)

> The Tau Ceti Agenda, Travis Taylor
(Amazon, B&N)

> Dragonlance: Amber and Blood, Margaret Weis
(Amazon, B&N)

> Kethani, Eric Brown
(Amazon, B&N)

> Pesthouse, Jim Crace
(Amazon, B&N)

> Farmer in the Sky, Robert Heinlein (Reprint)
(Amazon, B&N)

> Blood Bank, Tanya Huff
(Amazon, B&N)

> The Spirit Stone, Katherine Kerr
(Amazon, B&N)

> Front Lines, Denise Little
(Amazon, B&N)

> Forgotten Realms: Starless Night, R.A. Salvatore
(Amazon, B&N)

> Storm Dragon, James Wyatt
(Amazon, B&N)

> The Kingdom Beyond the Waves, Stephen Hunt
(, Book Depository)


RedEyedGhost said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous cover.

Ben, have you read Buckell's stuff? I think he's the Lynch/Abercrombie of Sci-Fi. Great stuff.

Benjamin said...

Yeah, I've read both of his novels and I agree that he is really coming into his own as a writer. I can't wait for Sly Mongoose!