Sunday, May 11, 2008

New releases for the week of May 13th


Since the dawn of consciousness, a secret war has been fought between the forces of magic and religious fanaticism, and the cause of reason, understanding, and technology.

On one side are the Old Ones, malign entities that feed on the suffering of mankind. On the other are the Lumina, an ancient order dedicated the liberation of the human spirit.

Officer Richard Oort of the Albuquerque Police Department is caught in the middle of this primal battle when he rescues a mysterious teenage girl from a trio of inhuman hunters. Recruited by the Lumina to serve as their latest paladin, Richard ends up fighting beside a handful of unlikely allies, including an adolescent sorceress, an enigmatic philanthropist, a sexy coroner, and a homeless god with multiple personalities.

The Old Ones and their mortal pawns are determined to destroy Richard–or subvert him to their cause. And they have all powers of magic and organized religion at their disposal. As the gates between the universes shred apart, it may be up to Richard to save humanity from the endless horror of a new Dark Age.

> Nick of Time, Ted Bell
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

> Reunion, David Daniel
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

> Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible, Troy Denning
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

> Null-A Continuum, John Wright
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

> Wicked Game, Jeri Smith-Ready
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

> The Digital Plague, Jeff Somers
(Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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