Sunday, March 16, 2008

New releases for the week of March 18th

This is my 100th entry on this blog of mine. I have to say I'm happy I was able to make it this far. I was never certain how far I would take this but I've enjoyed every minute of it and I hope to continue to do so. It seems appropriate to commemorate my 100th post with the favorite part of my blog, the weekly release list.

Review by Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone:
"Last Argument of Kings delivers exactly what this trilogy needed: a no-holds-barred war story in which secrets are exposed, mysteries are explained and the author resolutely refuses to pull any punches. The ending is superb, particularly the tremendously satisfying epilogue and the final scene. Last Argument of Kings is a more than worthy conclusion to this trilogy."

> The Battle for Skandia, John Flanagan
(, Barnes & Noble)

> The Stars Down Under, Sandra McDonald
(, Barnes & Noble)

> Viewpoints Critical: Selected Stories, L. E. Modesitt
(, Barnes & Noble)

> In the Courts of the Crimson Kings, S. M. Stirling
(, Barnes & Noble)

> Bloodsucking Fiends, Christopher Moore
(Barnes & Noble)

> Coyote Blue, Christopher Moore
(Barnes & Noble)


Peadar said...

Congrats on the 100 entries! Wow, LAoK out this week? I'm looking forward to that one.

Benjamin said...

Thanks Peadar!

I am too. I've heard nothing but good stuff about.

RedEyedGhost said...

Congrats on 100!

I cannot wait until LAoK arrives. Mine shipped today, and hopefully it traverses the ocean quite quickly. Good luck on getting yours!

Benjamin said...

Thanks REG!

Mine shipped as well so hopefully it'll get here soon! Good luck to you.

Sarah Prineas said...

Congratulations on the 100th post.

The Stars Down Under by Sandra McDonald is a very good read. The first book, The Outback Stars, was fun, too.


Benjamin said...

Thanks Sarah!

I've been meaning to check out that book the next time I hit bookstore. :-)