Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dresden Files news

I'm not sure how old this news is, but I recently found out that Jim Butcher posted the cover image for the next Dresden Files book, Small Favor, on his website. This will be the tenth book in the series and will be released in April 2008. No real info yet on the plot though Butcher did mention that Harry still owes two favors, referring to the two favors he owes his wicked fairy godmother.

I just found out today that this collection of short vampire stories released in September includes a Dresden Files novella. Harry and his apprentice Molly deal with crashers at a Role-Playing party on Valentine's Day.

It seems there was a similar book with another Dresden Files short story was released last year under the title, My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. In this story, Harry apparently prompts a bridezilla rampage from a malevolent fairy when he tries to break up her wedding with the werewolf whose intended she is impersonating.

Looks like I have two more books on my To Buy List.

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